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Flap is Africa’s biggest Escrow market hosting a multi-transactional community of buyers and sellers of products and services making affordability, discount, and payment flexibilities of Luxuries and Assets simplified and secured with technology and experienced escrow practices.

FLAP makes the Africa business community safe for merchants and buyers online and offline.

FLAP Products: Retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers

FLAP Service providers: freelancers, professionals, technicians



  • To be the biggest and most secured multi-transactional escrow payment community in Africa making luxuries and assets affordable.



  • To create flexibilities and manage payment plans that will make luxuries and assets affordable while making financial intelligence a lifestyle.



  • Easy, convenient and secured transactions online and offline.
  • Planned purchases as a means of life simplicity
  • Luxury and necessities affordability at ease
  • Eradicate the norm of installment purchase being meant for salary account owners only
  • Eliminate distant barriers for contracts and installment transactions
  • Increase business transaction and turnover for merchants




  • Sales boast and turnover increases through mobile banking
  • Market expansion and patronage by creating flexible options for customers such as installment deposit and distant orders payment.
  • Eradicate defrauding of buyers by fraudulent sellers thereby boasting trust in the market place
  • Bridging the gap of distance patronage through bank guarantee


  • Flexibility in making purchase and payment
  • Secured funds in an un-trusted market/transactions
  • Plan their payment for single or multiple purchases for short /long time
  • Secure their funds in case of making installment payments or placing orders for items in close or distant market

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