What is FBA?

FBA is an acronym for FLAP Business Associate. The FBA is a program run by FLAP Africa and is a network of individuals placing orders and purchases on behalf of themselves and other people, usually family and friends. Alongside working with FLAP to attend to a customer within their region as the need arises.

With our FBA program, you automatically become an E-Commerce Entrepreneur, you own your own business and earning unlimited income.

How it Works?

Becoming an FBA is easy. First, fill in the required details at the bottom of this page. When we receive your details, we will send you a code that will enable us track your orders and pay out your commission at the end of the month.

Next, you will be required to open an account on our website www.flapafrica.net, you will use this account to place orders for yourself and your customers. Do not forget to input your referral code in the note section for all orders placed. Click here (https://flapafrica.net/my-account/) to open an account.

What Would I be Selling as an FBA?

As an FBA, you can sell anything on FLAP Africa’s website ranging from products to stand-alone solutions. FLAP currently hosts thousands of products on its ecommerce website and a lot of these products belong to our merchants.

How Can I Sell?

You can sell by ordering items for yourself or for others using the email you registered with as an FBA. You earn commission each time you place an order via your account and don’t forget to input your FBA code each time you place an order. The order then gets delivered by FLAP’s logistics network

How Much Commission Do I Earn?

The FBA commission is a percentage for the item cost. CLICK HERE to see the FBA commission rates.

When Will I Receive My Commission?

Your commission will be paid on the last Friday of every month for all orders placed and delivered between the 1st and the 25th of the month.  Any orders fulfilled after the 25th will count towards payment for the following month. Payment will be made into the account number provided at the point of registration. Please note that commission will only be paid for goods that have been successfully delivered.

Does My Location Matter as an FBA?

No, your location does not affect becoming an FBA as the orders placed will be done via our online platform and the delivery of the items to the customer will be handled by FLAP Africa. Simply put, you can work from anywhere in the world and still earn.

Benefits of Becoming an FBA

  • Earn as much as you sell
  • You don’t need any capital to start
  • You have a lot of time to spend on all other things
  • You are your own boss
  • You acquire a new skill “Selling”.


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