Welcome to the FLEX-PAY information page. We understand that you may want to purchase some products and the funds are not readily available. As such, this payment solution allows you to purchase these products on credit with help from our credit partners.

Please note that you will be required to provide some information to facilitate your application for credit.

If your application for credit facility is approved, full payment should be made for the product which would then be released to you.

The length for repayment of the credit/loan will be agreed upon between you “the customer” and our credit provider.

Requirements For Credit Application

  • BVN
  • 6 Months salary bank statement
  • Work ID
  • Valid ID card


Fill in the required information below

  • You will receive a welcome email from our credit partner, “Credpal” providing you with your login details for your profile completion in order to facilitate the issuance of the loan.
  • Once you’ve signed up and requested for the loan required to purchase the desired product and the loan is approved, you would be credited within 24-48 hours.
  • You will then be required to place your order on our website and make payments to us.
  • Once payment for the order is confirmed, you would get your order within the stated delivery time on the website.

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