• Merchants operate a FLAP account and physical bank account (with Zenith bank if desired)
  • Clients make payments for goods or services paying in trust of merchants into FLAP central account (Zenith bank)
  • When merchants deliver as agreed by both parties and clients confirm recipient, FLAP credits Merchants physical bank account
  • This service can be used to make installment or outright payment for distance purchases and installment payment at shops offline and online.
  • Money in trust of Zenith bank for client reverts to clients’ Physical bank account if merchants fail on transactions terms and condition such as unavailability of product or non-execution of services and others
  • Money deposited in trust of merchant on FLAP can only revert if Merchant fails on agreement
  • Merchants confirms payment on FLAP customized account
  • Clients tracks installment payments and also confirms delivery and releases money from personalized FLAP e-wallet transaction account via USSD or log on FLAP website.




FLAP helps every business owner to come on the FLAP Global Market where clients can deal with the merchants reposing trust on the bank for

  • Online/distant payment for goods and services
  • Installment payment deposit for goods and service
  • Easily secure bankable loans
  • Promote their businesses to the online community globally
  • Increase sales and turnover with Flexibility of payment for all your customers
  • Order for products from local and international wholesalers/manufacturers without fear of delivery



  1. Operate a bank account preferably with ZENITH BANK (individual or corporate, savings or current)
  2. Open a FLAP account by dialing the short code (*212#) or visit the FLAP website


E-commerce merchants

  1. Integrate FLAP Africa as a payment option on their platform
  2. upload FLAP software on their website
  3. when consumers select products, at payment it will show FLAP as option and other instructions will follow to help consumers pay either outright or installment


Offline/Non-ecommerce Merchants

  1. Provide required details such as (name, phone number, business location, bank account)
  2. Receive user name/password
  3. Send or Upload products/services into customized FLAP web account
  4. Update products regularly
  5. Sell to consumers who request to purchase on FLAP (installment or distant orders) payments
  6. In addition to payment sms deposit alerts, Check balance on FLAP to ascertain consumers payment by dialing USSD code and follow instructions



FLAP is designed to help you buy products at ease;

  1. Online/offline and pay either outright or installment with money back guarantee from Zenith bank on delivery/execution clauses
  2. Secure your bank card/details from fraud by using a one end payment option provided and secured by Zenith bank to make payment to all accounts provided by online/offline merchants



  1. Visit any shop online/offline with FLAP logo and with a FLAP account or
  2. Visit FLAP website or mobile app, search for seller
  3. Buy and be free to pay on installment or
  4. Outright especially for e-commerce
  5. FLAP ensures your money is secured into Zenith bank (FLAP central account) until you confirm pick up/delivery of product
  6. When product has been supplied/installment complete, at pick up/delivery simply dial FLAP USSD code and input transaction code and follow release money from your E-wallet transaction deposit



FLAP service is designed for clients and merchants’ flexibility and security of payments (Installment or Outright) Services can be paid for and delivered/executed from

  • Distance without physical presence of both parties such as projects for clients in Diaspora (local or international)
  • And also services can be paid for directly at proximity (both parties physical presence) but secured with FLAP for quality and delivery agreements.



  1. Operate a bank account preferably with ZENITH BANK (individual or corporate, savings or current)
  2. Open a FLAP account by dialing the short code (*212#) or visit the FLAP website


Diaspora or e-commerce services transactions

  1. Indicate FLAP on your website as a payment option
  2. When clients selects FLAP icon, the clients will be directed as follow;
  3. Fill in bio-datas
  4. Fill in projects details
  5. Merchants replies to client from customized FLAP webpage
  6. Create projects invoice and agreement, upload on customized webpage and send to client
  7. Client either negotiate, accept/decline invoice and agreement by clicking customized column
  8. Project is created at acceptance and client proceed to make payment on FLAP in trust for Merchant


Offline/Proximate Services

  1. Indicate FLAP at your service station, shop or office
  2. When clients choices to pay on FLAP,
  3. Either upload agreement/invoice of contract on customized webpage or have physical copies at both end (merchants to client)

Project is created when client makes payment into FLAP in trust of Merchant



Secure your project funds, execution or delivery agreements by paying on FLAP to Merchants on FLAP either at proximity or in Diaspora (local or international)

  • Insures quality and timely delivery as agreed
  • No fear of defrauding from distant services transactions


Steps to payment for services

  1. Patronize Merchants with FLAP account
  2. Make payment into Merchants FLAP account using their account
  3. Follow the instructions on Merchants FLAP web page by filling
  4. Your bio-data
  5. Projects details
  6. Receive feedback from Merchants from your customized FLAP clients page in trust of merchant
  7. Sign agreements/invoice and upload as required
  8. Proceed to make payment only to Merchants FLAP account



This is an online market for bureau de change (currency transactions between sellers and buyers)

The service ensures that both parties receive agreed exchange amount at both end in their FLAP account and automatically exchange is completed by FLAP (Zenith bank) crediting both parties physical accounts (domiciliary or local account)

  • It ensures security in money exchange
  • Accuracy of agreed exchange amount at ease
  • Open the exchange market to sellers and buyers from any location (local or international)
  • Exchange currency from the comfort of your home or office




  1. Operate a bank account preferably with ZENITH BANK (individual or corporate, savings or current)
  2. Must have a domiciliary account
  3. Open a FLAP account by dialing the short code (*212#) or visit the FLAP website
  4. Customized Flex-exchange account is created with username and password
  5. Update exchange rate on your customized page
  6. Payment will be auto-calculated for client according to merchants exchange rate
  7. Clients Payment alert receipt will be quoted with agreed exchange rate
  8. Confirm sms deposit alert from FLAP account by dialing FLAP USSD code or log on to website.
  9. Release fund from your e-wallet to by following the instruction after confirmations



  1. Operate a physical bank account (individual or corporate, savings or current)
  2. Operate a domiciliary when buying foreign currency
  3. Buy currency from sellers with a FLAP account
  4. Dial FLAP USSD CODE or visit website/mobile app

Follow instructions from sellers’ FLAP web page or USSD interactions

  1. Agree to sellers exchange rate on FLAP interactions
  2. Make payment only to sellers FLAP account
  3. Seller will credit buyers FLAP account at immediate also
  4. Payment will be auto-calculated for buyer according to sellers exchange rate
  5. Sellers Payment alert receipt will be quoted with agreed exchange rate
  6. Confirm sms deposit alert from FLAP account by dialing FLAP USSD code or log on to your customized FLAP buyers flex-exchange e-wallet on FLAP website/mobile app
  7. Release fund from your e-wallet to seller by following the instruction after confirmations

NOTE: Offline Currency sellers and buyers can interact on Flex-exchange USSD code. 



This is FLAP users (merchants and consumers) transactions internationally. It includes buying and selling products/services internationally on FLAP from;

  • Manufacturers
  • Service providers
  • Wholesalers
  • Retailers
  • Individuals and more.

Transactions on this platform are guaranteed on ZENITH BANK-FLAP for merchants home and abroad.

NOTE: All parties simply follow the steps provided on FLAP products/service



  • Enquires
  • Complaints

Terms and conditions

  • FLAP is an open market guaranteeing transactions payment for merchants and consumers only
  • Products and service terms and conditions are made between merchants and consumers such as;
  1. Installment durations
  2. Outright payment agreement and more as provided by merchants to consumers respectively.

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