Our Contract

FLAP manages transactions by providing a marketplace for Service receivers (SRs) and Service Providers (SPs) with an Escrow system that supports payment flexibilities.

This account is directly managed by the bank for funds security.

This agreement is between FLAP, the Bank, merchants and buyers.

Flap is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

FLAP Provides platform for merchants to showcase their products and services to buyers online and offline and make transactions with payment flexibility on Escrow.

  • All transactions on flap are strictly on escrow therefore all payments will be held in a third-party account (Flexible Luxury and Asset Payment with a pool account in Zenith Bank).
  • The third party account is directly managed on Escrow agreement with our banker (Zenith Bank PLC) with the following conditions;


  1. That all funds in the Escrow Account will require proves of deposit to pay out such funds to a third party.
  2. That payment to third party will be duly recommended to the bank base on the transaction agreements and terms fulfillment with proof from the website copy of Data interactions between parties (FLAP, Merchant and Buyer).
  3. That the bank shall not be responsible for any error in data transaction or communications or payments on this arrangement.
  4. That all refunds as a result of any concern from Merchant and Buyers will be solely borne by FLAP.


  1. That when a buyer buys a product from FLAP, payment is made strictly into the Escrow Account managed by Zenith bank.
  2. That buyers automatically have a virtual account generated for them when they sign into FLAP.
  3. That all payment for products and services  are credited to buyers’ wallet account
  4. That buyers use their wallet to checkout at payment.
  5. That after payment for a product by a buyer, the merchant is notified for delivery of the product to the buyer.
  6. That merchant is bound by contract on FLAP to deliver the agreed product specification within the agreed timeline else buyer will be refunded 100%.
  7. That when merchant abort a transaction outside dissatisfaction from Merchants and this duly investigated by FLAP reconciliation team, buyer will forfeit 25% of the amount of the defined item.
  8. That when an item is delivered to Buyer, Buyer pays Merchant from their wallet account with FLAP.
  9. That in the case of Flexpay , Merchants get paid immediately after first payment and item delivered, subsequent payments will be remitted to Flap product financiers
  10. That merchant account is automatically created when buyers initiate payment from their wallet.
  11. That the merchant physical account will be credited immediately after the exchange of wallet between buyer and merchant.


  • Buyer confirmation to FLAP from buyers is through any of these medium (phone call, text message or from the confirmation form on the buyer’s page on FLAP website).
  • That the buyer will quote is product security number to confirm ownership to FLAP through any of the above medium
  • That after confirmation of buyers satisfaction or dissatisfaction in accordance to the status of the goods or service agreement, FLAP will request the bank to credit on two terms;


  1. If buyer is satisfied, FLAP request bank to credit the Merchant from the central account.
  2. If buyer is dissatisfied, buyer calls for conflict resolution
  1. That resolution is within 3 working days
  2. That during resolution buyers money still remain with FLAP
  3. That the aftermath of the resolution will determine who gets credited.


FLAP will credit buyer with wallet of the sum paid to FLAP account, FLAP will also alert Merchant that product or service has been paid/being paid for depending on the payment flexibility option chosen by the buyer.

Funds in the Escrow account will only be released to merchant physical bank account or reversed to buyer physical bank account. On no occasion will FLAP as an organization have access to the money held in the Escrow account.

Merchants’ physical bank account will only be credited with buyer’s money from FLAP marketplace by buyer using their wallet to check out at purchase.

Funds release will only be validated after Buyer has released wallet to buy from Merchant.

Flap confirms release at backend and releases physical payment to merchant. The bank will not be responsible for any default of releasing money to any party (merchant and buyer).

Buyer can only request for funds reversal from Escrow if Merchant default on delivery and after the buyer has reported such merchant and due consultation has been made (all consultation and resolution would be within 3 working days)

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